Grocery Shopping and IHOP

This Saturday I was finally able to go to Whole Foods for restocking my kitchen.  I got a whole lot of healthy yumminess, including potatoes, avocados, cherries, ground beef, almond flour tortillas, hummus, garbanzo flour, and oatmeal.  I also discovered quinoa pasta, so I’m excited to try that this week.  They happened to have egg-free, gluten-free frozen bread, so that’ll be had as well.  I still need to find a good recipe for egg-free gluten-free bread, as well as something to cook it in, but that’ll come soon.

Yesterday I was committed to sticking to my “exclusion diet” as much as possible.  My breakfast was quail egg & banana pancakes (I used 3 quail eggs instead of 1 chicken egg), along with an almond tortilla with hummus, avocado, tomatoes & cilantro.  I was helping my friend move, so I needed the extra protein, and for it to last me quite a while.  The whole breakfast only cost me 409 calories, and that’s including a bit of Aunt Jemima’s Lite syrup.

In the afternoon I met up with an old manager of mine and her two 9 & 11 y/o kids, and they wanted IHOP.  Since this exclusion diet is a part of my life now, I didn’t say anything and just opted to find something I could eat and modify it according to my needs.  After perusing the menu, I was disappointed to notice that IHOP doesn’t have anything that isn’t gluten based or egg based (IHOP allergen info here), so there were really only two options I could get and would have to modify it accordingly.  I decided to get the Grilled Chicken, Ranch & Avocado Club, and just have them not include anything dairy-based and I also wouldn’t eat the buns.  I told the waitress that I’m lactose intolerant, and I saw her write down “no cheese, no ranch”.  Of course, the sandwich comes out slathered in cheese, brought in by someone else.  I don’t even let the plate hit the table, and inform them – again – that I’m lactose intolerant and that I had said no cheese.  They immediately take it back to the kitchen and prepare another sandwich.  Of course, my friend and the kids start eating, and I am starving at this point.  Within about 10 minutes, another sandwich comes out, with the bun but no obvious cheese.  My friend notices something white peaking out from under the top bun, which I lift up and it is dripping with mayonnaise (dairy AND egg – bad combo for me!).  The mayo is pretty much touching on every part of the chicken, so there’s no scraping it off at this point.

This time I ask for the manager, because this is ludicrous.  I told her exactly what I want to eat: some chicken, onion & peppers, cooked in oil, with french fries, no seasoning (black pepper), and some mustard.  Normally I would have just said “forget it” and eaten the thing, but I was determined to stick to my guns.  It comes out and it was delicious.  I could have had two servings!  Definitely not worth the wait, but I enjoyed eating it.

We walked around Washington Heights after that, and basically enjoyed the rest of the day.  For dinner I had leftover Trader Joe’s Rice Pilaf orzo mix and chicken skewers from the night before, along with some salad (with pomegranate vinegar, yum!) and cherries.  All in all, I would say it was a good day, I think the first one where I completely stuck to the exclusion diet.


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