A weird breakfast

I’m looking for new and different things that I can eat for breakfast. I usually like to eat heavy things for breakfast & lunch and eat a lighter dinner (sometimes not at all).  For years I’ve been having a variation of (turkey) bacon, egg and cheese sandwiches, or salmon-cream cheese on a bagel, or a breakfast burrito, something that is filled with protein and can last me usually 5-6 hours.  Of course, now all of those things are on the list of things I need to exclude, but they’re also very hard to replace.

I am allowed oats/oatmeal, so I hit the Googles with that as my starting point, looking for things that I can add to a plan package of instant oatmeal that won’t make me starving again in thirty minutes (and that doesn’t taste like mush).  I found an interesting recipe that included egg & avocado, so I decided to be adventurous and went with it.  I used a cup of cashew milk (my first time trying it, it’s tasty!), two packets of oatmeal, a quarter avocado, 2 quail eggs, and a smattering of agave syrup (I didn’t have salsa) for a total 400 calories.  It wasn’t too bad, the flavors actually went pretty well together, but it was looking for something crunchy or with a firmer texture as well.  Maybe I do need to make my own salsa (so I can be sure there’s no lemon or pepper in it), so that I can add it in next time.

But yes – there will be a next time.



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