About Me

This is a new phase in my life where I learn the ins & outs of having to leave gluten-free, chicken egg-free, dairy free, and all else.  (To see the full list, go to Getting Started – Day One).  I have eaten all the foods we all know and love on an almost daily basis, and it’s a tough adjustment to learn how to live without these foods.

IMG_1537I am in my 30s, living in New York City, and Turkish-American.  I love sushi, Thai food, Turkish food, and well – just food in general.  I had an awesome dog Dante that passed away in the midnight hours on June 18, 2016.  I got him when he was 9 and he lived to see almost 13 and a half.  For being an XL dog, that is something I’m very proud of!

My parents are still in Orange County, California, where I grew up.  I have a brother and sister in law who also live in NYC, and their awesome kid is almost 3!  We have an endless list of cousins and almost-family friends, and we love having great adventures together.

Thanks for joining me on my journey!